Augmenting The G20!

September 1, 2023

The G20 is the most prestigious forum for International Economic Cooperation. It starts in September and peaks in November, where Global Leaders from the 20 most powerful economic countries participate in a discussion to improve the global economy. The Government also curates the list of brands and companies that can participate in the G20. Meta and Kominfo appoint us as partners to enhance the Meta booth for the release of MILA (Meta Immersive Learning Academy). Through this opportunity, we created 13 AR experiences and created one custom hologram screen inspired by Iron Man's tech to promote Indonesian culture through technology.

Our founder and CEO also participated in becoming a panelist for Meta and teaches people how you can "Preserve Culture Through AR." Aside from that, we are also augmenting other brands, such as the medical startup Halodoc to create their Augmented Reality Poster.

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