MBH Product Launch: Flower Collection

Product Announcement
August 4, 2021

Getting tired of your loved one’s flower drying up after a few days? No problem, we have a solution for you. With our newest product, the “AR Flower Collection.”

This collection is specifically designed to be paired with your bouquet and looks good as a piece of decoration or a standalone product.

With 3 Distinct Design:

1. Tropical: A tropical flower growing filled with animals such as butterfly, bees and humming bird. The AR also reacts to the movement of your postcard.

2. Water Lilies: 3 Water Lily growing above the water. The flower also moves based on the movement of the postcard and slides like it was on water.

3. Bloom: Pink and blue flowers that blooms and if shaken its leaf will fall off. It has two butterfly that also follows it around.

Wow your loved one and match any bouquet using our 3 different flower variations! Most important of all, it moves and blooms just like the real thing!

Your flower might dry up, but your AR Postcard won’t. Just like your love! 😉

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