Meta's #MonthofGood Global Campaign

March 28, 2022

Marhaban ya Ramadhan! This year we are partnering with Meta to bring the warmth of Ramadhan to your house as part of the #MonthOfGood movement. We are honored to be one of two creators from all over the world to be trusted by Meta as the creator to augment this Ramadan. Meta collaborated with Amr Maskoun, a popular creator from Dubai, and Raffi Ahmad, the most famous influencer in Indonesia. We created the AmrRamadan, an AR effects lamp that can surround your home with stars. With over 3 million impressions from just a week after it went live, we hope AmrRamadan can light up Ramadan for many people.

Various media have highlighted our experience, from Adweek to national television. Check out our collaboration in the media below.

SEA Today TV Appearance:

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