Fit N Furious

Will Julio lose weight in 60 days?


Hustle House commissioned us to create a webseries that can further expand their mission of exercising as a daily lifestyle and to showcase their classes to those who never went to Hustle House themselves.

We responded by creating an IP called Fit N Furious for Hustle, a spinoff of Fast and Furious. In Fit and Furious,  Julio -a funny and relatable guy- is challenged by Ricky, one of Hustle owner and trainer to lose weight in 60 days.

By this series, audience are educated on the fun and intense 60 days Hustle challenge, the classes offered in hustle, and the friendly community behind it.

Client: Hustle House

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Motion Design, Web Series

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Showrunner: Michael Andrian
Line Producer: Andriani Weinardy
Videographer: Tonny Sutiono

Motion Graphic and Concept by madebyhumans Team

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